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       The goal of Wags to Whiskers is to provide every pet a pleasurable grooming experience. We try to provide an environment which is as stress free as possible, even allowing the animals to be crate-free if necessary. We call each pet by name and allow owners to stay with their pets if they feel this is necessary.
       Karen Marciano's chosen profession of grooming is a hair-raising experience. Few people get the benefit of thoroughly enjoying their jobs as much as Karen does. With her gentle voice and expert hands, she takes the mess and frustration out of keeping her furry clients clean. She provides a minimum stress environment where pets and owners alike feel welcome and comfortable.
       Karen has worked for over twenty years with Veterinarian Richard O'Grady, grooming animals that need to be sedated under medical supervision. She opened Wags to Whiskers in 1999 while continuing to work for Dr. O'Grady on Mondays. According to Karen, "Anyone can be a groomer. To be in this business you have to love animals. But I like to think I go a little further, because I work, not only with animals that have had it a little tougher than others but also the ones that might need a little extra attention, like senior citizen pets with special health needs."        
      Karen's dedication to animal welfare has caused her to take some of the extreme cases under her wing. She has seven dogs; Gabby, a pitbull/grey hound mix; Harriet, a southern Russian Otava; Mugsy, a pug; Gidget, a Portuguese herding dog; Sheila, a shepherd cross; Trouble, a Golden Retriever cross; and Mabel, a Standard Poodle. Her three cats are Richard, Grump, and Mister. Karen says, "Some of them were in horrific shape. They needed homes. They needed me. How could I not take them in?"
       The walls at Wags to Whiskers are filled with pictures of pets sent in to Karen by their appreciative owners, a tribute to Karen's grooming expertise and concern for her furry clients.

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Karen-Thanks so much for making our
4th of July Parade in Barkhamsted
special by dying Remy for me(with all
natural products, of course).

-Grooming includes Nail Trimming, Bathing, Clipping, and Drying

-We have flexible Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours

-Hours: Tues-Sat 9am-5pm

-Payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard

-Phone: 860-379-7386

-Free Price Quote. Prices depend on size of the dog, condition of the dog's coat
       and whether or not the dog or cat requires any special treatments such as
       a flea bath.