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        Karen Marciano of Wags to Whiskers groomed me to my championship. This is my daughter, Mabel. My owner brings her to Karen because her introduction to grooming is very important to her. I don't want her to be scared when she receives her first bath and I want her to be introduced to the clippers without being frightened. Karen is loving, patient, caring and kind with her just as she has always been with me. That is why Mabel is the second generation of our family being groomed at Wags to Whiskers.

     Cats are our specialty. Long haired cats especially need attention to their coat to avoid matting, which can be a painful condition for the cat, causing interference with their ability to move. Grooming involves reaching down to the skin with a good comb, not just skimming the surface. Unfortunately, when a cat becomes severely matted, it must be shaved by a professional and caring groomer. Fortunately, the hair will grow back.

            I tried several different groomers before I selected Karen Marciano of Wags to Whiskers to groom my standard poodle, Remington,for competitions. Karen was willing to listen to what I required of a groomer. She was also kind and gentle with my dog, which was important to me. In watching Karen groom, I have been impressed with the care she gives each animal. She treats them as individuals, calls them by name and takes into account and adjusts for preferences such as dogs being head shy, cats being afraid of water or not liking their nails clipped. She talks to them while she is grooming them. This is important to me because it makes grooming a pleasurable experience for the animal and they are not afraid to return the next time.